Robot Painting Yaskawa Motoman MPX Series

Improve Painting Quality, Increase Work Efficiency, Make Equipment Compact, Reduce Time for Star-up and Equipment Maintenance, Standarization of Equipment, Reduce Running Cost, Reduce Equipment Installation Cost.

-MPX Series Manipulator
-DX200 Robot Controller
-MPXAP Air Control Panel For Paint Applicator
-Peripheral Devices MPO, MHP Series Manipulator

Robot Painting Kawasaki K Series

The K series robots are explosion-proof painting robots developed on Kawasaki’s
“Simple and Friendly” concept.The wide range of robots covers all painting
applications from small to large workpieces in every industry.

-Full lineup of painting robots cover diverse workpieces from small to large,
-The 3R type hollow wrist can install hoses inside to prevent dusts on the painted parts,
-Painting package cells support users to introduce robot painting lines with ease (optional).

Powder Coating Asahi Sunac

Reduce amount of paint usage, Good fishing, Smoothy recoating, Thin part coating, Reduce paint mist, Maximum paint of discharge, New type changeable nozzle.

Hand gun model: ECDm
Charging method: Dual electric field method
Maximum applied voltage: -80kV
Amount of paint discharge (1 gun): 50 – 350g/min (Depend on powder, hose length and others)

Hand gun weight: 570g (without cable)
Electric controller model: BPS 900m
Input power source(JAPAN): AC100V (50/60Hz)
Maximum air consumption: 1 gun 270L/min (ANR)
Air connection diameter: 10mm
Input air pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa Recommend pressure
Powder capacity: 15kg

Electrostatic Handgun HB5000

Air Electrostatic Hand gun
High transfer coating, high quality achieved, contributing to cost reduction, superior body design, pursuit of the comfortable function.

Charging system: Direct charging system
Applied voltage: Max DC-60kV
Overall length (includes nozzle and air cap): 212mm
Weight (includes nozzle and air cap): 540g
Associated air cap: HN400 (Small pattern) HN600 (Medium pattern) HN800 (Large pattern)
Paint nozzle diameter: 1.1mm

Associated controller: BPS130: single gun controller BSP1600: multi gun controller up to 5-20 guns
Adaplation paint: Solvent (Solid metallic)

Electrostatic High Pressure HandGun APEG100

Air-wrap Electrostatic Gun Unit.
High quality finishing and compatibility with high flow rate, Easy maintenance, Electrostatic switch near the grip, Operability, Applicable to metallic paint.

Model: APEG 100
Max. voltage: DC-60kV
Max. liquid pressure: 21Mpa
Max. air pressure: 0,6Mpa
Air hose joint: G1/4 (PF 1/4)
Paint hose joint G1/8 (PF 1/8)
Max. air consumption: 350L/min
Weight: 645g
Applicable paint: Solvent (solid/clear)

Diaphragm Pump PD40 Asahi Sunac

Diaphragm pump of outstanding and high reliability, friendly to people and the environment.

Superior Durability, Easy Maintenance, Cost Reduction, Space Saving Design, High Flushability, Triple Structure Suction Hose, pressure Ratio 1:1.

Airless Pump Asahi SUNAC

Environmental-Friendly, Cost Reduction, Easy Maintenance.
Simple Design, Improved Fluidity, Improved Washability, Improved Conveyance.
Tersedia pump pressure ratio 1:23 , 1:30, 1:20, 1:10, 1:65, 1:45.


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